Competition for Top Talent

May 1, 2017

Competition for top talent has prompted organizations across all industries to reexamine their recruiting strategies. In contrast to the traditional one time, in-person interview, the process has now expanded to two phases and sometimes even more for prospective candidates. Now a common or perhaps standard procedure, effective organizations screen applicants through a series of initial phone interviews. This allows the recruiter to gauge how the individual handles

conversations over the phone and avoids having to schedule for an in-person interview if the qualifications and requirements aren’t satisfied by both parties. With the increasing workforce of talent carrying similar backgrounds, this stage helps to narrow down the large number of applications received.

Once the candidate pool has been selected to meet in-person, it is likely one or more people will join the hiring manager’s side during the interview. Having multiple perspectives allows the employer to spend more time engaging with the candidate rather than scribbling down notes for the entire duration.

A similar method to a panel interview is having a few managers meet with the candidate separately. Taken place within a two, three, or more hour time span, individuals meet separately with the candidate. Sometimes, an assessment test or a business case scenario is conducted to measure the technical knowledge of the applicant. Additionally, managers may gain a sense of the applicant’s soft skills to see if he or she will be a good cultural fit for the organization.

While the interviewing process may be extended to several weeks, this strategy of screening for the right candidate has proven to be a worthwhile investment for the employer. This is also to the benefit of the applicant. As a prospective employee, it’s important to notice the organizational process of a potential employer. A formal, well-articulated interviewing process is a good representation of the organization’s values.

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