How to Manage Millennials

May 1, 2017

One effective way for organizations to manage Millennials and bring them up to speed fast, is to simply insist they attend informative meetings. Heres why: Millennial are known for their fast-paced mindset with a constant craving for new information and sharing of ideas. While some may resist and prefer to remain at their desks, others will happily be the first to enter the conference room. In either case, insisting that Millennials attend meetings with a few decision heads, managers are expressing their trust and willingness to listen to new ideas. As a result, Millennialls  feel that they can participate in decisions the company makes. This keeps them motivated and they feel that they are making a contribution, and this is important to a Millennials value system.

Another way is to take the time to coach and train them effectively. Not only will the job be done correctly, they may just exceed your expectations by ramping up faster. Dont waste the talents of a millennials mind by short circuiting their training. There is nothing worse than when a new employee is floundering around the company because his/her only training was a manual. The best way to connect a new employee with your organization is to spend time with them. They will learn faster, feel less anxious,  and  blend more easily into the companys culture.

In part three of our ‘Workforce 2020’ blog next Friday, we will discuss some of the most effective strategies organizations are implementing to capture top talent in the Millennial workforce.

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